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never again
gary barrows #78 marion
July 29, 2017
the grounds r fitlthy, always trash outside of units. U charge a late charge and thats cool but u tax it!? A 27.00 lockout fee for u to enter something in computer and of course u taxed that too!!!!! Really?! Kinda greedy!
Reply from Manager on July 31, 2017
Gary, We do appreciate you being a loyal customer for over 2 years, but if you don't like what the State of Iowa charges sales tax on, I would recommend you contact them as we have no control over that. The $25 overlock fee is a secondary late fee after you are 16 or more days past due. And we place a secondary lock on the unit. What the fee is there for our time to remove the lock after the account is brought current. Thanks for your 5 out 5 star review.
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