Termperature Controlled Units at All Stor Fort Knox

Our All Stor Fort Knox facility located in Cedar Rapids, IA is one of our most well equipped facilities due to its temperature controlled units alongside our standard storage units. It’s important that renters understand how essential temperature control is for some of their items. We suggest that every customer takes a overview of what they plan to store and the type of environment you believe it needs to stay in order to retain its quality. If you’re unsure, do a little research or speak to a professional at our facility.

Temperature controlled units protect items that are sensitive to temperature changes by regulating and monitoring humidity and moisture. Items such as wooden or leather furniture, collectibles like stamps, wine or comics, documents, photos and much more may be best in one of our temperature controlled units. It’s important to us that your belongings stay in the best condition during its stay with us. Contact our All Stor Fort Knox location today to learn more about our units.